Oasis Sea World

The Unique Thai dolphin show

About Oasis Sea World

Visitors to Oasis Sea World have been intrigued and entertained by the Dolphin shows and other aquatic attractions since this park opened back in 1990, but there’s an equally fascinating story behind the creation of Thai Fantastic Dolphinarium.

It all started when Vichai Wattanapong, the Founder of Oasis Sea World heard that many dolphinswere being trapped in the nets used by local fishermen. Mr.vichai graciously offered to foster these dolphins and provide them with the care they needed. Eventually his small operation grew, and has now become part of Thailand’s official dolphin preservation and nursery center.

Dolphins in Thailand are critically endangered species, so the work being done by Mr.Vichai and his staff is tremendously important to the survival of these beautiful creatures. Oasis Sea World is as much about entertainment as it is about education, and the park is home to a series of amazing dolphin shows. At the park, the professional create their unique method of training by the close relationship with dolphins, including sign language and human voice communications, to put on aquatic shows that are simply amazing. Dolphin lovers will marvel at the talents of these clever marine mammals.